Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bitter Sweet Orange –Aimless Lady - Heavy Psych Monster

Bitter Sweet Orange –Aimless Lady/I Could Love You –Pacific West 4683 (1970 US)

From Springdale Arkansas comes this Heavy Fuzz double-sided Bone Crunching release that ticks all the boxes in terms of primal Neanderthal thudding with the vocalist Ken Wade mastering a snotty growly  delivery across the 2 sides. Aimless Lady is NOT the Grand Funk tune, but a lesson in how to not stray away from a groove once it’s been launched. The B side is slightly more aimless but with some killer guitar and caveman-like vocals. The recording took place at John’s Recording Studio in Russellville, it seems the studio is still in business, but looking at the Google Maps satellite pic, it appears to be a large barn with some of the roof missing!

Hear a full version of Aimless Lady

Hear a full version of I Could Love You

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hot Rocks –All Night Long/ Down on 42nd Street –Unreleased Proto Punk/Glam acetate

Hot Rocks –All Night Long/ Down on 42nd Street –Unreleased Proto Punk/Glam acetate

Here is a long awaited update to the post I featured 9 years ago, it also gives me an opportunity to make the sound files of this amazing Proto Punk gem available once again 
What is new is that we now have a name for the band as Hot Rocks was a real entity even supporting Savoy Brown at the time. The singer was Valerie Hunter - ex 'Pepsi Girl', and model who moved to London along with guitarist John Christian (Ex Shady Lady), Bass player John (Insect) Weir (ex Curtis Knight and T2), and drummer Graham (The Kid) Waxman. No information who played the rockin’ piano though. See the promo scan for more information on the band with a big thanks to Bob Stannard for getting in touch and for providing these scans

Here is the original review, as vital now as it was then…

Here are full versions of two wild slabs of Proto Punk Glam just oozing ATTITUDE. All Night Long was initially recorded by LA Glamsters Shady Lady and the original recording of All Night Long can be heard here: along with other tracks from their album that was unreleased at the time.
The track was written by singer Stefen Shady with guitarist John Christian. John left the band in 1973 and went to London where these two tracks were recorded in 73/74. The sassy vocals are handled by John’s wife Valerie. Both tracks are equally as good and are great examples of NY Dolls sleaze (with a bit of Quatro thrown in) and would have fitted in well with the burgeoning NY Punk scene, but definitely 3 years too early for the UK…

Hear a full version of All Night Long

Hear a full version of Down on 42nd Street

Hot Rocks press scans © B.Stannard 2016

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Artist – Every Lady Does It

Artist –For The First Time/ Every Lady Does It –Peppermint Presents PP1132 (1977 US)

Every Lady Does It is a hard and meaty Midwestern cruncher. It’s a real though performance balancing quite tuneful lead parts with a metronomic Cowbell and driving drums that keep proceedings focused on the ultimate crunching ride. The vocals are also spot on and never venture into any dodgy histrionics. The A side is more of a grower as it’s less instantly startling, but the feel and tasteful musicianship makes it a worthwhile detour to take with an unexpected vocal delivery and surprising chord changes

Recorded at Peppermint Studios (Youngstown OH), Artist were probably local however calling the band “Artist” makes Googling rather pointless. Anyone know any more about this one?

Hear a full version of Every Lady Does It

Hear a full version of For The First Time

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Purepop Set Sale

                           SALE  IS NOW CLOSED


I am selling the following 45s as a set sale on a first come first served basis.

The sale is up for 1 week only (until 9th of May)

I am updating as soon as I can, you will notice the ones in red have already sold as I sent the list early this morning to previous buyers

You can either email me (email on profile page), leave a comment or message on Facebook if you want the full list with prices


Part 1: Sixties Freakbeat, Beat and Psych

The Accent –Red Sky at Night/ Wind of Change –Decca UK VG+ 
Fantastic meaty UK Psych classic. The A side is fine and plays EX, however the B side has a mark that can be heard half way through the side, so I would grade the B side as VG-  SOLD

Angel Pavement –Baby You’ve Gotta Stay/Green Mello Hill –Fontana UK EX 
Their first of 2 singles. The B side features their best moment, the delightful popsike of Green Mello Hill SOLD

The Answers –It’s Just a Fear/You’ve Gotta Believe Me –Columbia UK G  
Terrific Freakbeat monster by Tony Hill and associates. Now the single has some issues, vinyl has marks and there is a small edge lift. However, audio-wise the A side plays VG+, the B side is noisier and plays VG-. The condition is reflected in the price, but the A side plays great  SOLD
Brincos –Nobody Wants You Now/The Train –Page One UK EX 
Perfect seemingly unplayed copy of the Spaniards’ best moment, stands with the best of all that Rubbles/Circus Days stuff…what a production! SOLD
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich –Frustration/ Hard to Love You –Fontana Dutch VG+/VG+ (small name of cover) 
Holland seems to be the only place where their most raucous track (Frustration) came out on a single. Both sides play EX SOLD
The Game - It’s Shocking What They Call Me/Help Me Mummy’s Gone –Parlophone UK Demo VG+ 
Killer Freakbeat double sider. A few lights marks and some low level crackle. Audio is somewhere between VG and VG+. Initials on B side label.SOLD
Grapefruit –Sha Sha/Universal Party –Deram –Germany EX/VG+ 
By this time Grapefruit was but a name, however both sides of this release were recorded by George Alexander, George Young and Harry Vanda no less. Great under-valued single!
Laughing Gravy –Vegetables/Same –White Whale –US VG+ 
Dean Torrance’s  (Jan and Dean) contemporary Smile recreation. Dean got to hear the unfinished track during the Smile sessions and with the project being shelved saw the opportunity of being the first to release Smile material.
My Dear Watson –The Shame Just Drained/Elusive Face –Parlophone NL VG+ 
The first and only version of Vanda and Young’s masterpiece released when the  Easybeats  Good Times album got shelved. Although relegated to the B side, it’s another testament to the genius of Vanda & Young who produced both sides of the single. Plays EX, slight rubbing on B side label. SOLD
Rag Dolls –My Old Man’s a Groovy Old Man/They Didn’t Believe Me –Columbia UK Demo EX (small number on label) 
Another outlet to release a great Vanda and Young gem that was poised to appear on the  Easybeats’ unreleased Good Times LP
Shadows of Knight –My Fire Department Needs a Fireman/Taurus-Hansa Germany  EX/G 
German issue of the Knight’s monster. Record is fine, but the sleeve has seen better days…SOLD

Part 2: Junkshop Glam, Bubblegum,  Proto Punk, Powerpop and oddities

Airship –Get Out, Take Your Mother With You/Gimme a Can of Spray Paint Decca Demo EX 
Great demo copy of this frenetic Punk Boot Boy Cruncher. It has recently been reissued, but this is the original issue SOLD
American Jam Band –American Jam/Nature’s Child –Parlophone UK Demo 
Pristine copy of the phased Junkshop Cruncher SOLD
Antilope –Down on Your Feet/Goodbye –BASF NL EX/VG+ 
Cracking Crunching NederGlam double-sider not to be missed SOLD
Bitch –Good Time Coming/At The Party WB Germany –EX/VG+ 
The original version of Good Time Coming from the NZ band who made the trip to London hoping to make it. Great track, great performance. Not too sure why the German cover features a pig though…SOLD
Buggies –Julie July/ Allright She Said –Philips –NL EX/EX 
Produced by the great Peter Koelewijn (Bonnie St Claire etc…), Julie July is a great popsike tune, somewhere between The Hollies and Smyle. The B side is more raucous SOLD
Children – Movin’ On/Montana –BASF –DK EX/EX 
Not their best single, but 2 sprightly uptempo pop ditties from the Danish Teen/Glam sensations SOLD
Children of The Morning –Hey America, America/Children of The Morning –Hansa Germany EX/EX £10
Why in 1973 would an Italian based Brit write about the Kent State Campus killing from 3 years previous? Sound-wise you could think of a protest infused John Kongos with Donovan tendencies over the mother of all slapping Gunshot beats. Great Pic sleeve.
Tracey Dean –Moonshiner/Boy On The Ball –Decca Demo UK  EX (Number on Label) 
Top Glam double-sider stompers by Giorgio Moroder and Peter Bellotte. UK issues are harder to locate than ther European counterparts

Eddie Kidd –Motorbike Kid/Big Jump Decca UK Demo EX
The A side is a 50s pastiche, however the B side is a crunching semi-instrumenal with hand claps and a driving beat punctuated  by shouts of “Big Jump”. The same B side is on Leave It To The Kid…SOLD
Eddie Kidd - Leave it To The Kid/Big Jump 1978 UK Decca Demo EX 
Leave It To The Kid is a bone-crunching-13-double-decker-hopping-semi -smash-stomper by the UK’s own Evel Knievel: Eddie Kidd. Of the Decca singles I have, this is by far the greatest as it’s a truly rousing performance featuring Eddie’s unmistakable vocal range along with a great driving string section. SOLD
Fluff –Sunny Honey Girl/Walking Alone –DJM Belgium issue  VG+/VG+ 
Infectious UK uptempo Bubblegum. As was sometimes the case in Belgium, the pic sleeve is just one-sided SOLD
Funky Family-Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet/Allright –Vogue –French EX/EX 
It’s hard to beat a blonde in hot pants clutching a sub-machine gun especially when within you have a stomping Male sung cover of the Bonnie St. Claire classic
Funny Dog –One, Two, Three/Momo’s in Two –CBS Promo cover EX/VG+ Germany
Fun BubbleGlam from Mr Chirpy Cheep Cheep himself (Lally Stott), the B side is more chugging in approach
Ricky Gordon- Get Around 1974 Belgium Vogue EX/EX 
A strange one. Moving from Mud/Elvis turns to Beach Boys/Four Seasons style with an ever present distorted guitar, this one certainly doesn't know what it is…Weird
Hammersmith Gorillas –You Really Got Me/Leavin’ Home –Penny Farthing –German EX/EX 
Near perfect copy of this great cruncher from Jesse housed in the coveted Man in Gorilla suit cover. The sleeve has a tiny date neatly written on the top of one side of the cover (both sides have the same picture) SOLD
Hogback 'n' Pig If You Can't Be Good…Be Bad/Good Old Rock n’Roll UK CBS EX               
Not quite Glam, not quite Hard Rock, not quite Pop, but it's catchy, all good …no bad
Josuha –Jenny –Magic Carpet CNR NL VG+ (2 inaudible scratches on side 1) /VG+ 
Now, here’s a real treat. Jenny starts off in the mode of the sleeve at a trot but then the riff kicks in and the track turns into a fab Bubblegum/Rock tune with lyrics playing around with old chestnut (mare?) double-entendres about “going for a ride”...It’s all great fun and a top tune. Magic Carpet is nice n’ heavy and here they sing about the magical tripped out properties of cheap plonk.
Libido  Hold on To Your Fire/Weren't Born A Man Mooncrest  UK VG+  (name on label) 
Like a lush Badfinger song, the track then builds into subtly orchestrated track with some fine lead guitar. The vocals by Dana Gillespie are gorgeous conveying both sweetness and sass SOLD
Mo-i-Rana –So My Daddy Says/Alone Polydor –DK EX/EX 
Great copy of this Danish Crunching Glam scorcher SOLD
Mo-i-Rana –You Really Got Me /Since You Been Gone Polydor –DK EX/VG+ 
Great Take on the Kinks’ hit. Heavy and rocking SOLD
Pony- It’s Gonna Be So Easy/ ‘Til I Met You –Pye UK Demo EX 
Only released with a B side in the UK, this is all that come out from these US Powerpop pathfinders. An unreleased album remains in the vaults. Archive copy SOLD
Randy and The U Turns - 99 Octane Girl/Roll On Roll Off  UK UA EX/VG+ 
Not KBD as has  been listed elsewhere, but a fine Pub Rock/Punk crossover with harmonies recorded down in Rockfield. Demo in picture sleeve SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1 - It's Only Words/Look Out 1973 JAM Demo UK EX (Sticker on B side) 
Demo copy of this great Garage meets Glam cruncher. SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1 - I Want to Save You/Amanda JAM Demo  UK VG+         
Brilliant Move sound alike from the Rescue SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1 – Life’s Too Short/Then I Think About You –RAK UK VG+
Another quality single from Rescue Co. No. 1. This one showcases their knack in delivering infectious Pop. Small tear on B side label

Rubber Band - Moonwalker/Wichita 1973 UK Youngblood Demo EX 
Overlooked Glam cruncher, it’s surely going to break through sooner rather than later. Total KILLER! Why is this one still under the radar? Check out the Youtube clip! SOLD
Paul and Barry Ryan –Won’t You Join Me/ Glad to Know You Polydor France EX/EX 
Glad To Know You is a totally fab piece of Psych-Bubblegum-Glam. Hidden on the B side of the full blown heart string-puller Won’t You Join Me, it’s another choice example of the brothers aptitude of coming up trumps on the B side. The song twists and turns, the orchestration is understated, the guitars have real oomph, and production touches like the vocals through the leslie cabinet make this an imaginative yet totally accessible winner. SOLD

Skid –I Saw her Standing There/Endless Sleep –Hansa –Germany EX/EX 
Perfect condition on this sought after Proto Punk double-sider housed in the smart German picture sleeve featuring the mystery group SOLD
Skyband –Bang! Ooh! Ya Got Me/Cold Light of Day –RCA UK EX (Stamper on label) 
Underated Gem with mixes Junkshop Glam drive with neat pop overtones, not to mention silly head gear…(See their LP cover!) SOLD
Smoke - My Lullaby/Looking High 1974 UK Decca EX         
Super rare late (1974) Glam release by The Smoke. This is very similar to Sugar Man and none the worst for that.
Smoke – Sugar Man/ That’s What I Want –BASF –Germany VG/VG 
Cracking early 70s effort by The Smoke, that brings my Friend Jack right into a Glam setting. The B side is also marvelous. Not a perfect copy, but looks and plays fine SOLD
Sparks Girl From Germany/ Beaver O'Lindy Bearsville Germany EX/EX       
Lovely German picture sleeve on this great early Sparks classic
Stephen - Right on Running Man/ Epitath Antic UK VG+   
Mutt Lange in cracking Glam stomper shocker! SOLD
True Adventure Where The Roxy Used to Be/ Outlaw Love 1974 UK Decca       
Unplayed demo. The B side is an outright Glam Cruncher, while the A side is a glorious piece of emotive 70s nostalgia SOLD
Walkers – Strip Tease/ This Boy This Girl –Philips DK EX/EX 
One of the best Walkers single as both sides fully deliver in the Junkshop department SOLD
Whistle –When The Lights Go Out on Broadway/Lincoln Lullabies –York  Demo UK EX 
Hard to find second single by Whistle (The Party Must Be Over). It’s hard Glam and shares many similarities with their previous single but includes production flourishes straight out of the Bob Ezrin’s bag of tricks. Demo copy housed in York Company sleeve. SOLD

Part 3: Heavy Psych, Hard Rock and Bonehead
Blackbirds 2000 –Preludium/Let’s Do It Together Cornet German EX/EX  
As featured on Bonehead Crunchers Volume 4, Germany’s BlackBirds 2000 deliver one of the stupidest but heaviest examples of Neanderthal crunch known to man on Let’s Do It Together. (number sticker on sleeve and label) SOLD
Duffy- Running Away/The Joker- Chapter One UK  Demo EX £      
Demo copy in pristine condition of this great  UK Hard Rock double sider SOLD
Hard Meat –Rain/Burning Up Years –Island UK VG+          
Great heavy cover of the Beatles track. I know I said great already but it is really very good!
It’s All Meat – You Don’t Notice The Time You Waste/ If Only –Columbia Canada EX/EX
Perfect copy of the pic sleeve and record of this heavy Canadian Psych Groover
Gorgon Medusa – Sweet Child/Situation –Apocalypse –US EX 
As featured on Numero’s Warfaring Strangers comp a few years back. Gorgon Medusa’s private release features two Heavy Psych mixing guitar driven heavy rock with more languid psych explorations. SOLD
Jeremy B - Come on Little Pretty/ I Wanna Be Loved By You Bacillus Germany EX/EX      
Rare and obscure Kraut rocker of the highest calibre
Kansas Hook- Nervous Shakin/ Mr Universe     UK Decca VG+      
Double whammy of top UK Hard Rock belters by the American Jam Band guys!
Mushroom - This is It/Cosmic DanceUS Vulcan EX     
Great obscure near Bonehead Hard Rock/Psych       SOLD
New Lords –We Go Out In The Sunshine/Country Fever –Columbia –German EX/EX
The A side is a fine uptempo Bubblegum Pop number, but it’s the B side where the action is at. Country Fever is no country outing, but a great example of Loud and raucous 70s Heaviness SOLD
Ray Owen’s Moon –Hey Sweety/Free Man –Polydor UK VG+
Absolute killer 2 –sider by Juicy Luicy singer. A side is a bit crackly and audio grades VG, B side plays EX. Writing on A side label. Hence low price
Sensory System –Red Man/Winter’s Over Now –EMI DK EX/EX 
Killer Danish Bonehead Cruncher –Really heavy stuff…SOLD
Sunchariot - Rosemarie/Do you Want to know (1972 UK Decca Demo EX £

Great UK tough hard rocker on the B side of this super condition UK Demo. The A side is chugging UK Pop,more  like Christie with balls SOLD

Monday, April 17, 2017

PVC Record Sleeves -A warning

For the last 15 years or so I have been protecting my singles from dust and greasy fingers with polythene record sleeves. However in the last few years, for my most precious Freakbeat and Garage singles, I have been using hard PVC sleeves. I believed they provided better protection, but first and foremost that give a real premium look and feel, they look bloody great.

I had heard some faint rumblings about PVC potentially provoking some kind of chemical reaction giving the record a milky hazy look or sometimes streaks. It was only last week in Utrecht that I was warned and directly advised to replace them with Polythene. 

On Friday I bought 400 Polythene sleeves and today, I have gone through the PVC clad part of my collection and replaced them all with Polythene.  Although the overriding majority of the records had no issues, some did. My Allen Pound’s Get Rich has a dull look (it was housed in an old PVC that the dealer sent the record in). Thank God, it sounds fine.  I have owned this record for around 4 years and I know when I played it last year, it looked fine, so the effect happens over time.  

2 records where I used new PVC sleeves  had issues (so it's not just with old ones) -  a Swedish Decca pressing of the T Boones as well as the MC5. Both have dull patches with a bright streak at one end. Again they play fine. (the photos for these two don’t really show the effect). 

This Equals single has a similar issues to both the MC5 and The T-Boones

The Our Plastic Dream might have the beginning of some kind of a reaction, but this is inconclusive. 

The biggest proof that chemical reactions can occur with PVC is on the Fancy acetate. 
Thank god this was the only acetate I had in a PVC...

Anyhow, to avoid any further risk (I am sure there are exceptions), I will no longer be using PVC. If you have heard rumblings or read stuff on forums or had doubts, I hope this helps you TO  decide.  It’s a shame to have to do this, but better safe than sorry.

Bye Bye PVC…

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair April 2017 -Day 2

Today the buzz was back in Utrecht. The vibrancy that may have been missing yesterday returned with a vengeance

Anyhow the haul...

First two Scandinavian pic sleeves I couldn't resist...

Being in Holland, it would be insulting not to taste the local brew

Singing of The Bad Thing by Shed Libation is a fine specimen of Cowbell driven Heavy Bonehead, while The Break Selection deliver one of the more inept version of "I Can Only Give You Everything" ever committed to vinyl

Some nice UK 60s singles That Pirates single with Mick Green  pretty much defined that early Doctor Feelgood sound and style. I couldn't resist upgrading to this beautiful Accent demo and the UK Defecting Grey will sit nicely next to the German issue I found yesterday. David John and The Mood was a bargain

Some nice UK pop. Loving Awareness is post Skip Bifferty. Sounds a bit like Smyle or Fickle Pickle,  Dave Cartwright is just lovely



Some gems with picture sleeves. Finally got a copy of Sydney Gill with a perfect pic sleeve. A UK Psych classic only released in Germany at the time, as far as I know. George is in fact Giorgio MoroderMake me Your Babe  is a kind of proto Jean Genie BubbleGlam  concoction


The absolute Monster is Albatross with I am Dead and Viet-nam War. From Austria, the singer reminds of me of Jesse Hector in competition with Roger Chapman to see who could be the most venomous!

Some spares coming your way soon...

So the second day at Utrecht was another torrid affair, the come down at the next Reading fair on Friday is going to be rather noticeable

Oh and my hotel and flights to Utrecht in November are already booked –BRING IT ON!!!

Friday, April 07, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair April 2017: Day 1

I had timed my usual arrival on the deck for 7:13am and hit the mark in that respect. There weren't hordes of German van drivers spilling tons of unplayed 70s gems direct from radio archives onto the floor. In fact the fair was a bit flat today. No amazing bargains or great discoveries. There were deals to be made for sure, but considering the post Brexit vote Sterling crash, these weren't always great deals leaving you with a smug smile on your face

Some nice 60s pieces, very pleased to complete my Virgin Sleep collection (well they only released 2 singles)

The 70s were also represented, but nothing I hadn't seen before...

There were some choices singles I haven't yet picked up (too expensive) and about 20% of dealers has not yet displayed their wares, so let's see if Saturday brings some magic to the proceedings

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair April 2017: The calm before the storm...

I arrived as per usual the day before set up day...I made a  fleeting visit to the outdoor fair by mid afternoon. It seems that stuff can be found if you arrive early am, but I opted for an extra few hours in bed.

Still nice to find a pristine copy of the  Attack single and a copy of the overlooked Glam Stomper that is the 2nd Antilope single

There were piles and piles of 45s on show, but it is no longer 2006, so it has become very unusual to find anything of consequence among the cheap singles on offer

Tomorrow -we go ape shit, crazy, bonkers

Friday, March 17, 2017

Performed by Aries –Don’t Give Your Love To Me

Performed by Aries –Babe/ Don’t Give Your Love To Me – Prince Records WTR 4884 (US197?)

OK, first things first, I am sure the band was actually called Aries, but the “performed by” prefix adds a certain ring to it. Another hopelessly obscure one, probably from South California with what looks like 2 brothers being involved (Bob and Ed Lerias).  From the sound and effects it could have been recorded pretty much anytime between 1975 and 1982, however musically it is pure 1974 matching William Shakespeare with Elmer Goodbody Jr, whilst throwing in some 1979 –styled 20/20 moves. You want some more leftfield identifiers? Well think of Richmond’s Peaches (D’art) with some Dwight Twilley vocal inflections and slap back! OK, before I get lost further in inane obtuse comparisons, let’s just say that both songs, take an obvious 50s slowie song structure and update the sound through smooth mid 70s Glam moves with a twist of powerpop sprinkled on top. Both performances are very listenable and damn catchy while being strangely haunting. Any information out there?

Hear a full version of Don’t Give Your Love To Me 

Hear a full version of Babe


Sunday, March 05, 2017

Alladinn - Come Home, Come Home

Alladinn -Go Pray For Tomorrow/Come Home, Come Home –Philips 6012 163 (1971 NL)

Produced by Dutch near genius producer Hans van Hemert, this duo’s release schowcases the infancy of Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers, as Alladinn features  Arnie Treffers (Long Tall Ernie himself) with Marjo Schenk (Steven Giles). Yes, before greasing back his hair Arnie was no Ernie, but a dank scummy hippie
This being 1971, the A side Go Pray For Tomorrow is a type of My Sweet Lord revamp, nice feel and orchestration but this is not where this single is at in my opinion (although you could force a slight Dennis Wilson similarity, if you try very hard...). The B side on the other hand is much more interesting. 

Come Home, Come Home is a smooth proto Glam groover with some delightful popsike interludes. Again Hans van Hemert excels himself for combining the T. Rex –like (Or Little Sammy Gaha?) strings, those psychy parts all consolidated together by the cowbell propelled beat. If anything the delivery and production reminds me of some of the material Paul Ryan ( e.g. Natural Gas or later Paul and Barry Ryan B sides) was attempting a couple of years later.

Hear a full version of Come Home, Come Home

Hear a full version of Go Pray For Tomorrow

PS: I nearly managed NOT to mention the spelling…

Friday, February 03, 2017

Bridey Murphy –Be Your Mother’s Son/ The Time Has Come

Bridey Murphy - The Time Has Come/ Be Your Mother’s Son –Capitol 45-391 (1974 Philippines)
Bridey Murphy - The Time Has Come/ Same –Capitol 3975 (1974 US)

Although not necessarily linked to a remembrance of a previous life, Bridey Murphy was a short-lived aggregation of Paul, Bill and Barry Cowsill and guitar-slinger extraordinaire Waddy Wachtel with Bugs Pemberton on drums who only managed to release this sole single. 

The only US issue I am aware is a promo and features Mono/Stereo copies of the same song;  in any case I have never seen a US stock copy... However…Down in the Philippines a regular issue was released featuring the long lost Be Your Mother’s Son. And what a great find it is…With Waddy’s strident stabbing interjections to the fore,  Be Your Mother’s Son rocks out without in any way harming the intended Purepop melodicism, it shines brightly, yet is meaty of its own accord, as in putting the Power into its Pop. 

The lush A side is slightly better known and a classic in its own right, it looks like an earlier version was released by The Cowsills themselves, however it is unclear if Waddy had a writing credit of this elusive other version. The sessions seem to have been somewhat nuts…read on below

Bill and Paul Cowsill signing to Capitol with John Myer (Personal Manager), John Carter (In-house producer and Al Coury. Waddy seems to have gone missing that day…Thanks to Chaim for the photo

Hear a full version of Be Your Mother’s Son

  Hear a full version of The Time Has Come

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Act -Cobbled Streets

The Act –Cobbled Streets/ One Heart –Columbia DB 8179 (1967 UK)

There were/are countless bands deriving influences from obvious sources (Beatles, Who, Stones etc…) however there were also some more quirky and unexpected role models, perhaps not throughout a recording career, but on specific releases such as The Casuals Tara Tiger Girl (Move), Sparky(Do You Remember That) Summertime Woman (Troggs). Here is a surprising case of a band trying to emulate the genius of 66/67 Easybeats. OK Friday on My Mind was a huge hit, but here Essex band The Act delved deeper reprising elements from Happy is The Man, Made My Bed, Remember Sam or other lesser known Easybeats gems. It’s a very enjoyable affair and a fun near-facsimile which assembles the parts that make up the essence, although not quite the genius of Vanda, Young and co.

Hear a full version of Cobbled Streets

Monday, January 16, 2017

Rare singles and Bonehead Crunchers now on sale on ebay

I have just listed a few survivors from my set sale along with a couple of new titles on ebay. You can find the listings here: Purepop1uk listings on ebay

All with low starting prices and no reserve

All singles have sound clips

There is also a rare opportunity to buy a complete set on Bonehead Crunchers as a BIN

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rescue Co. No. 1 – I Want To Save You

Rescue Co. No. 1 – I Want To Save You/ Amanda - JAM 14 (1972 UK)

The question is –how much more “Move” can you get? I won’t say none more as that accolade must go to The Casuals with their Tara Tiger Girl (  I Want To Save You just really feels and sometimes sounds like The Move in their prime, especially in the vocal and melody department. Over a pseudo light Glam rolling bedrock, this superb tune delivers on many counts, its total pop structure  has many twists and turns, but what really sets this apart is the surprising orchestration. Those horn stabs and swirling strings remove the performance from pure Roy Wood to something else, just not sure what. This is still my fave Rescue Co. No 1 recording and was collated on a fine compilation of their work a few years ago

Hear a full version of I Want To Save You

Next another soundalike....

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Huge list of spare 45 for sale!


Huge list of spare 45 for sale!

Hi, below you will find a list of spare collectable gems that I am selling. Email me (email address on my profile page), leave a comment (I won't publish any message with your email) or message me on facebook in case you would like the full list with set prices

BTW, this masterpiece is listed under F for FUT...

Alan Blakley Lost Without You/Gimme Rock 'n Roll 1976 Germany Maritim EX/EX (small sticker) 
Following his departure from the Trems in 75 Alan (Blakley/Blakely) pursued some of the Glam moves which had been introduced into the band’s repertoire in 73/74. But on his own, things definitely got weirder. Both sides of the 76 single have a lo-fi plugged directly into the desk scratchy guitar feel. Lost without You is like a chipmunk Get It On, catchy, rockin’ but completely touched with some out there instrumentation. Gimme Rock ‘N’ Roll is in someways even better. The sound is still highly compressed, but the performance is less deranged and more overtly in Crunching Glam mode.SOLD
Angel Good Time Fanny 1974 Germany Cube EX/EX Great copy in German picture Sleeve of this Junkshop Glam classic. Can't be more Sweet than this! SOLD
Anthony Bygraves Painted Lady 1974 UK Pye EX Junkshop Glam classic as comped on Glitter From The Litter Bin. Demo copy SOLD
Barry Blood She's The Queen of My Rock and Roll World 1982 UK Wreckord EX/EX (Signed) Top NWOBHM/Hard Rock single with a Punk Edge by Barry who signed the back cover
Barry Ryan Do That 1975 UK Dawn EX Another perfect Condition Demo. Barry Ryan's top class Junkshop Glam classic SOLD
Billy J. Kramer Blue Jean Queen (Staying Power) 1974 UK BASF EX Unplayed Demo!  10 years on from the big time, Billy J. Kramer reacquaints himself with Ex Dakota and Pirate Riff Master Mick Green (then with Shanghai) for this odd solo release. Staying Power is a commercial 50s throwback as expected, but the B side Blue Jean Queen finds Billy moving on from Little Children to lusting after Teens in a similar manner to Harpo, Ken Khury or Miki Anthony...Music-wise, it’s a sturdy Glam influenced rocker SOLD
Billy Shake Can't Stop Myself (From Loving You) 1974 UK Youngblood EX Perfect Demo copy of the UK issue of William's Shakespear's Vanda &Young Glam classic SOLD
Blue Goose Loretta 1975 UK Anchor EX Wild Glam Hard Rock Cruncher. Ex Curtis Knight band members SOLD
Blue Meanies Pop Sensibility 1980 UK Mercury EX/VG+ Ex Sparks, Jet and Records in great under the radar tough Powerpop SOLD
Britania Right  Down The Line 1973 UK EMI EX (Factory sample sticker) Under the radar Junkshop Glam rocker SOLD
Brother Susan See my Fingers Fly 1974 UK EMI EX (Factory sample sticker) Cracking rousing Junkshop Glam double-sider SOLD
Brotherly Love Public Enemy No 1 1973 UK CBS EX (number on labe) Public spirited Glam cruncher with top production value including a mean line in sirensSOLD
Carl Wayne Way Back in the Fifties 1975 UK Polydor EX Ex Move singer in underatted Glam mode release, like Wizzard meeting the Rubettes SOLD
Carriage Company Paint The City Red 1971 UK CBS EX Near Mint UK Demo of this great Belgian band single. Tight as fuck rocker of the highest order
Cash and Carry Mary's In The Closet/ Same 1970 US UNI VG+ Great lush T. Rex sounding US release  SOLD
Casuals Tara Tiger Girl 1972 UK Parlophone EX (small reference number of both labels) Tara Tiger Girl was sandwiched between The Casuals’ Decca period and The Witch on Dawn in 1974.The Casuals at this time were Ex-World of Oz Chris Evans and his Kansas Hook/ American Jam Band cronies. A Dead ringer for The Move. Demo copy SOLD
Chameleon Who Am I? 1972 UK CBS VG- Killer UK Heavy Freak. Demo copy. Some marks and a bit crackly, thus the low price. Clean labels SOLD
Clutch Black Angel 1973 UK EMI EX Unplayed demo copy of this heavy UK cruncher as comped on Bonehead Crunchers volume 3 SOLD
Dancer Hate Generator 1975 UK Dawn EX Perfect Demo copy.  Hate Generator is pure ersatz Bowie much in the same vein as The Tigers On Vaseline. The vocals are just as weird and a real hoot, but the chorus is great and the analogue keyboards are pretty groovy too. The production and arrangement give the track an extra over-blown feel and the result is a totally bonkers tour-de-force...SOLD
Deadwood That Don't Help Me None (The Turning of Them All) 1971 UK Decca EX Totally great UK Heavy Psych Freak . A real corker on a perfect Demo copy SOLD
Duffy Rock Solid 1971 Germany Ariola EX/VG+ Nice German pic sleeve on this top UK Hard Rock single SOLD
Duffy Running Away 1973 UK Chapter One EX Demo copy of this rather good slab of UK Hard Rock
Dwarf Backstage Queen 1976 US Merlyn EX (slightly off centre, but plays fine) This is the 2nd single by Teen sensations Dwarf. Oh they must have been at least 16 by the time this one got released, with puberty but a distant memory... Backstage Queen is a slightly more controlled affair (read less exuberantly punky) than their first single but it’s a fine 70s Stonesian rocker which projects their testosterone infused dreams oh so innocently. Just in case they didn’t pull on the night, the single comes with a coupon to gather all the important data from their fans SOLD
Eastwood Little Miss Lucy/Living to Learn 1974 UK SRT EX (date stamp and New Release stamp on label) Following a couple of singles on CBS, Eastwood then released this Crunchin’ Glam winner. The B side is  grungy and Freaky Space Rock with a nice greasy solo .SOLD
Eddie Kidd Leave it To The Kid 1978 UK Decca EX Leave It To The Kid is a bone-crunching-13-double-decker-hopping-semi -smash-stomper by the UK’s own Evel Knievel: Eddie Kidd. Of the Decca singles I have, this is by far the greatest as it’s a truly rousing performance featuring Eddie’s unmistakable vocal range along with a great driving string section.
Eire Apparent Follow Me 1968 UK Track EX In my opinion a much better version than the Fruit Machine, this is UK (well Irish) popsike with Freakbeat undertones. The B side is WILD!!!
Electric Banana Groovy Bubblegum Music 1970  RCA EX Demo copy of this obscure but totally infectious UK Bubblegum winner. Date stamp on label SOLD
Flamin Groovies Married Woman 1972 France UA EX/VG+ First French 1972 (purple sleeve). Slight cover wear and small tear on back cover SOLD
Flamin Groovies Shake Some Action 1976 NL Philips EX/EX Near perfect copy of the Dutch picture sleeve issue. A true classic in its coolest issue. See photos on the web SOLD
Frenzy Poser 1976 UK DJM EX Unplayed Demo copy of this Cruncher trapped between Glam and the birth of UK Punk, probably too yobbish to stand a chance to make it, but Poser would have been a perfect choice for the third Hector single  The B side gets even closer to sounding like '77.SOLD
Fut Have You Heard The Word 1970 UK Beacon EX Originally thought to be The Beatles under a pseudonym, This was in fact Maurice Gibb on painkillers and booze doing a perfect psych Beatles take-off with Steve Groves, Steve Kipner and Billy Lawrie.  Wonderful SOLD
Giggles Just Another Saturday Night 1976 UK EMI EX (Factory sample sticker) Great Glammed up take on Moonquake's winner. A great combination SOLD
Hard Stuff Inside Your Life 1973 UK Purple EX Rare single release by this great power trio.  Perfect Demo copy SOLD
Hard Stuff Jay Time 1972 UK Purple EX Very rare post Bullet single by John Du Cann and company, the first under the Hard Stuff name SOLD
Hawkwind Kings of Speed 1975 UK UA EX/VG+ Original UK pic sleeve of this classic (Motorhead on the B side!). The sleeve has some fraying on opening and title is written neatly at top of sleeve. Initial on label SOLD
Hector Bye Bye Bad Days 1974 UK DJM EX Unplayed Demo copy of the brilliant second Hector single. Essential stuff!SOLD
Hello You Move Me 1972 UK Bell EX Unplayed Demo copy of the 2nd Hello single -cracking proto Punk shaker
Hello C'mon 1972 UK Bell EX Unplayed Demo copy of the 1st Hello single -2 brilliant non-hit crunchers SOLD
Hobnail She's Just a Friend of Mine 1972 UK Bell EX Perfect demo copy of this great junkshop Glam stomper SOLD
Hogback 'n' Pig If You Can't Be Good…Be Bad 1972 UK CBS EX Not quite Glam, not quite Hard Rock, not quite Pop, but it's catchy, all good …no bad
Hot Rocks Chopper 1973 UK Bell EX (release date  sticker on label) Unplayed Demo. Mike Leander produced Glam Groover SOLD
Ian Stuart Lane Don't Rock Me Baby (If You're Fine And Fair) 1972 UK Greenwich Recording Company EX Here is a sublime piece of early 70’s UK lushness recalling Sunflower era Beach Boys with some unexpected chord changes. It also has a certain Spectorian elegance in its production values which predates some of Roy Wood’s Wizzard’s releases. Unplayed Demo SOLD
Jeremy B Come on Little Pretty 1972 Germany Bacillus EX/EX Rare and obscure Kraut rocker
Jet Nothing to do with us 1975 UK CBS EX Andy Ellison's mob with their 2nd classic single. Top copy SOLD
Jumbo She Said 1972 UK CBS EX Perfect Demo copy. This was the first of three singles released by Jumbo . She Said is a fine near Glam up-tempo pop tune with a mid-60s song construction. It’s catchy as hell with great production touches and it’s another case of a song escaping instead of gaining the exposure it deserved. SOLD
Jumbo Promises 1972 UK CBS EX Another perfect Demo copy. As comped on a fading yellow, Highyl sought after fantastic example of lush 70s UK pop SOLD
Jungle Jim Big Fat Oranguman 1971 Sweden Pye EX/VG+ Big Fat Oranguman is prime  Bubblegum pop with an abundance of grunts and wildlife sounds –Simian paradise!  Housed in a Scandanavian Picture sleeve SOLD
Just Plain Jones Crazy, Crazy 1971 UK CBS EX Demo copy in perfect condition.  Raucous Stomper bridging 1966 and 1971. The hand claps and stomping feet also add a Glam feel SOLD
K.W Winston Slow Rock (Don't Ask Me) 1974 France Sonopresse EX/EX Forget the A side, as on the B side youwill find the backing track of an unreleased Hector!!! Track. A great mid tempo dirty dirge SOLD
Kansas Hook Nervous Shakin/ Mr Universe 1971 UK Decca VG+ double whammy of top UK Hard Rock belters!
Kilburn and The High Roads Rough Kids 1974 UK Dawn EX Unplayed Demo of Ian Dury's proto Punk Glam cruncher SOLD
Kindness Oh Yea (Let The Good Times Roll) 1972 UK Decca EX Kindness was Smokie before RAK and the name change. Even with the truncated spelling; Bo Diddley’s Oh Yea(h) comes out unscathed from its Shadows of Knight interpretation through the 1972 Glam prism. Great pounding beat, handclaps, cutting guitar and a real raspy vocal delivery from Chris Norman, sounding like none other than Bon Scott. The A side is how you expect it to sound, no more, no less SOLD
Lennart, Messagie & Dagleth And I Love Her 1973 NL Pink Elepant EX/EX And I Love Her is a superb piece of melodic BubbleGlam, so catchy you can almost suspend belief as they sing: She’s not so bad, just got to close my eyes…L M &D later evolved into Glam Popsters Hush
Libido Hold on To Your Fire Mooncrest VG+  (name on label) track builds into subtly orchestrated track with some fine lead guitar. The vocals by Dana Gillespie are gorgeous conveying both sweetness and sass
Linda Kendrick Sympathy for The Devil 1974 UK Dawn EX Sympathy For The Devil is an overblown but fun production by Lynton Guest and Jimmie Edwards (Stumpy, Washington Flyers). Although toned down lyrically, Linda’s version features a choir, lush orchestration along with neat harpsichord runs and Stonesian slide SOLD
Marrakesh The Prodigal Son Returns 1973 UK Bell EX Pre-release test pressing with hand-written credits. The Prodigal Son Returns opens with an intro lifted from The Easybeats’ Good Time, the vocals in the verse are quite raspy and the chorus recalls T.Rex in much the same way as Chunky or Hobnail. It’s not Glam per se, but a memorable straightforward Pop Rocker that I often find myself returning to SOLD
Merlin Rock and Roll Express (What a funny way to…) 1975 UK CBS EX Unplayed demo. Merlin were a bit of a Schizoid act, their album is an over-produced and patchy affair alternating between Hard Rock, Glam and overtly commercial Pop with a little Prog thrown in…The A side in fact appears under the title Look At Me on the album, but the B side is exclusive to this release. Rock And Roll Express is probably their best performance and it’s a suitably meaty and crunching number with some neat power chords, handclaps and snotty vocals. As a song, it doesn’t really go anywhere, but it hurtles down the track quite nicely.SOLD
Midas Mould Information Emily 1972 UK Columbia EX 67 Psych Pop feel on this UK 70s bubblegum winner.SOLD
Mighty 'Em Jekyll and Hyde 1973 UK Decca EX Unplayed Demo. Excellent weird Freak Glam obscurity SOLD
Milk 'n' Cookies Little Lost and Innocent/ Good Friends 1975 UK Island EX UK issue of their only single at the time. Includes the non-album B side SOLD
Mojos Everything's All Right 1964 UK Decca VG+ The Beat classic plays EX
Mushroom This is It/Cosmic Dance 1974 US Vulcan EX Great obscure near Bonehead Hard Rock/Psych
New Lords Country Fever (We Go Out in The Sunshine) 1972 Germany Columbia VG+/EX Country Fever is an amazing slap of Kraut Proto Metal
Ning Machine 1971 UK Decca EX Perfect Demo copy. Needs no introduction, Machine Part Glam/ Bubblegum/ Heavy Rock and Prog with a bit of Suicide thrown in for good measure. With it’s pumping heartbeat rhythm, riff borrowed from The Music Explosion’s Little Bit Of Soul and a singer who sounds like a constipated Lemmy, this is one weird artifact.SOLD
Ohio Ltd. Wham Bam 1973 US Buddah EX (Bit of crinkling on labels) 4 years after the amazing Captain Groovy And His Bubblegum army single, Kasenetz – Katz used the re-branded Ohio Express franchise to release this superb piece of Hard Glam/Boogie with its Get It On cop. The hooks and overall Bubblegum catchiness remain, but a much harder edge is added making this a real lost classic perfectly in sync with the best Glam singles released around that time. SOLD
Oliver Day Crazy Love 1975 UK Bus Stop EX Crazy Love is a fun and commercial up tempo Glam pop single. Oliver’s vocal performance is a real hoot coming on like a Cartoon Steve Harley extending vowels into oblivion, but ends up sounding more like Billy Hamon of Butch Things “fame”(check out April’s archives). It has an obvious All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople guitar cop, a sing-along-chorus and nutty laughte SOLD
One Hit Wonders Hey Hey Jump Now 1972 UK CBS EX Perfect condition Demo copy of the stomping Glam Mod Dancer
One Mile Ahead There Ain't No Use in Crying 1968 US Santiago G+ Fantastic Heavy Psych on A side with Wild lead guitar. Condition is around VG- on A side, around and G at times on B side, but record doesn't skip. Price reflects condition. Half torn sticker on B side with some minimal tearing
Outer Limits Black Boots (Dark Side of The Moon) 1971 UK Decca EX Unplayed Demo! This is  heavy Proto Glam pounder semi-instrumental with the same riff as The Stranglers Nice 'n' Sleazy. Terrifying! SOLD
Parsons-Smith The Letter 1972 UK Polydor EX (sticker on label) Hypnotic UK Psych version of the Box Tops hit. A really surprising take on this classic. Check it out on Youtube
Paul Ryan Natural Gas 1972 UK Maple Annie EX Cracking Glam with T. Redx overtones from Barry's brother. Top copy SOLD
Pax Son of Satan 1972 US Pax Records EX Really obscure self Release. Heavy Hammond fuelled Psych with a guitarist doing a pretty good Peter Green/ Early Carlos Santana SOLD
Pete Dunton Taking Time 1973 UK Rockfield VG+ Tremendous stomping Psych produced by Dave Edmunds, from the Flies and T2 guy. Highly recommended SOLD
Pheon bear War against War 1973 UK Pye EX (crinkling on B side label) The A side is a real loud cruncher falling somewhere between Freakbeat and Glam. It has ’66 Yardbird -like strident guitar breaks, feedback and a raspy shouted vocal performance from an angry Mr. Bear who just had someone spit in his porridge (sounds like Jesse hector). The song itself is pretty basic, not moving too far from a 12 bar structure, but it’s chant-like chorus of Gotta keep up the war against war is pretty effective. SOLD
Phoenix Pictures of You 1975 UK Dawn EX Very rare Glitter Band  cover. An Adrian Baker production. Perfect condition Demo SOLD
Pretty Things Midnight to Six Men (sic) 1965 NL Fontana VG+/EX Great dutch pic sleeve in EX condition. Record is VG+ with original centre. Small tape on A and small label tear on B side
Primitive Man Animal Love 1971 UK Decca EX Animal Love is a  highly enjoyable entry in the simian sub Glam/Psych category. It pounds and grunts in sublime heavy fashion. Basically it’s the missing link (get it?) between Hot Legs Neanderthal Man and C.C.S.’s Primitive Love. Seemingly an unplayed Demo copy
Protectors Loretta 1975 UK Live Wire EX Cracking obscure Junkshop Glam cruncher
Puzzle Houla 1972 UK JAM EX Perfect condition copy of this sought after Uptempo Garage Groover SOLD
Randy and The U Turns 99 Octane Girl 1977 UK UA EX/VG+ Not KBD as it has been listed elsewhere, but a fine Pub Rock/Punk crossover with harmonies recorded down in Rockfield. Demo in picture sleeve
Rats Don't Let Go/Dragon Child 1974 UK MAM EX Unplayed Demo. Top UK Glam on the top side and more prog dancing tendencies on the B SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1 It's only words 1973 UK JAM EX Demo copy of this great Garage meets Glam cruncher.
Rescue Co. No. 1 I Want to Save You 1972 UK JAM EX Perfect demo copy of this brilliant Move sound alike.
Ricky Gordon Get Around 1974 Belgium Vogue EX/EX A strange one. Moving from Mud/Elvis turns to Beach Boys/Four Seasons style with an ever present distorted guitar, this one certainly doesn't know what it is…Weird
Robin Goodfellow You Know Me Now 1974 UK Dawn EX Here’s a great classic unheralded UK 70s pop single with a nod to Glam. It reminds as much of Hetherington as it does Marc Bolan, that guitar is pure T. Rex in any case. You Know Me Now is damn catchy tune with a nice and bouncy production and the B side is also cool too.SOLD
Rockstar Mummy/Over The Hill 1976 UK MCA EX A rare 70s outing by ex Move man Ace Kefford. The autobiographical Over The Hill is a solid rocker on the periphery of JunkShop Glam, Kinda like Hector attempting to do a Quadrophenia...It features some loud cutting guitar and a fine production by Steve Rowland. Mummy is pretty haunting and dramatic, the song builds and builds and is a real grower SOLD
Rubber Band Moonwalker 1973 UK Youngblood EX (A written on A side) Overlooked Glam cruncher, Why is this one still under the radar?
Seeds Shuckin' and Jiving 1970s US Production Unlimited EX The Seeds at their heaviest!. Late 70s issue of this early 70s recording SOLD
Shado Evil City 1974 UK Montrose EX Perfect copy of the Proto Punk/Freak belter comped on Do What Thou Wilt a few years back SOLD
Sisters Kick Your Boots off 1973 UK Bell EX Heavy Glam stomper of the highest order SOLD
Slowload Big Boobs Boogie (On the Road again) 1971 UK MAM EX Perfect demo copy of this Bonehead Crunching classic. On the comp of the same name
Slowload Big Boobs Boogie (On the Road again) 1971 UK MAM VG+ (No original centre) Without the original centre, but fine for Djing - Bonehead Crunching classic. On the comp of the same name SOLD
Small Wonder Ordinary Boy/ Ride a Black Sheep 1974 UK Dawn VG+ (small sticker stain on A side) Anyone for a Raga Glam track? Ordinary Boy is an incredible mish-mash of stomping Glitter beat with double -tracked handclaps, detuned E string to D guitar, sitar resonance and gritty vocals. The effect is startling. The song is good with a great call to arms chorus. Glam stomping Raga rules! The other side Ride A Black Sheep is a total T Rex cop. It’s pure Jeepster with a fun Marc Bolan impersonation. You can find the B side on the Glitter From The Litter SOLD

Smith &Weston  A Shot of Rhythm and Blues 1973 UK Decca EX Smith & Weston come up with a neat version of the Arthur Alexander track. Rawer than The Flamin’ Groovies' version from the previous year, this version stands (and stomps) at the crossroad of the then current Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival (Wild Angels, Fumble…) and crunching Glam. It features great power chords and handclaps. Unplayed Demo SOLD

Smoke My Lullaby 1974 UK Decca EX Super rare late (1974) Release by The Smoke. This is very similar to Sugar Man and none the worst for that. Another unplayed UK Demo copy SOLD
Snatch For Always and Ever 1975 UK Polydor EX Unfindable!!! For Always And Ever is a cover of the opening track of The Glitter Band's Rock 'N'Roll Dudes LP. The meaty guitar and top tunage turn this performance into a fine Powerpop/Glam crossover. Snatch's only claim to fame seems to be that the drummer was the brother of The Rubettes sticksman...and in fact John Richardson and Alan Williams produced this release and wrote the B side
Soho Jets Hi-Heel Tarzan 1974 UK Polydor EX Perfect copy of this high Camp Glam cruncher, their first single before Denim Goddess, before morphing into Razar SOLD
Sparks Girl From Germany 1974 Germany Bearsville EX/EX Lovely German picture sleeve on this great early Sparks classic
Spode Cincinatti Woman (Singalong Song) 1971 UK Decca EX Unplayed Demo. Cincinnati Woman is pretty amazing. The echo and reverb makes it souds like A Joe Meek extravaganza Very strange for 1971
Stackwaddy Suzie Q 1970 France Polydor EX/EX Nice French sleeve on this prime UK example of Heavy greasy sleaze SOLD
Stephen Right on Running Man 1974 UK Antic EX Mutt Lange on cracking Glam stomper SOLD
Steve Allen Life on Mars 1972 UK M and M EX Unplayed UK Demo copy of this great take on Bowie's Life on Mars. Super obsure and rare SOLD
Sunchariot All Your Love/ You're Lovely 1973 UK Decca EX The A side is a tough UK rocker, while the quieter sumptuous B side has been comped on Fading Yellow 5 and Mixed Up Minds. Pefect Demo copy
Sunchariot Do you Want to know ( Rosemarie) 1972 UK Decca EX Great UK tough hard rocker on the B side of this super condition UK Demo. The A side is chugging UK Pop,more  like Christie with balls SOLD
Sunchariot Firewater 1973 UK Decca EX Perfect Demo copy.Firewater is yet another example of White Man empathizing with the plight of the Red Skin in crushed velvet flares and platform boots. More Po-faced than the Garnets, Abacus or Johnny Dick, Firewater can’t help but end up a very daft venture despite its intentions. It sounds like Sunchariot actually believed what they were singing and secretly wished they were XIT whilst recording this. OK the track shares a similarity in the pounding department with Abacus’s Indian Dancer
Tales Rockin' Suzanna (Someone Like You) 1973 UK MAM EX On the B side of a commercial poppy affair comes this enjoyable Rolling Stones pastiche. Rockin’ Suzanna is a great  Jagger mimic job. It has all the Jaggerisms down pat over a Down The Road Apiece/Route 66 chugging machine. Nifty guitar too…Imagine a 1972 Stones track without the smack or  Teenage Head Flamin' Groovies. Unplayed Demo SOLD
Thundermug Jeanine/Duckworth Stomp 1976 NL Papillon EX/VG+ Rare Dutch only coupling of these 2 great tracks by the might Mug! Great pic of the band wearing stripped pyjamas? on stage SOLD
Trevor White Crazy Kids 1976 UK Island EX/VG+ A powerpop/Glam Teen classic -no more, no less SOLD
Troll Brothers You Turn Me On 1973 UK SRT VG+ Belting Garage Punk as filtered through a UK Glam filter. Wonderful SOLD
True Adventure Where The Roxy Used to Be/ Outlaw Love 1974 UK Decca EX Unplayed demo. The B side is an outright Glam Cruncher, while the A side is a glorious piece of emotive 70s nostalgia
Union Express Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix 1973 UK Decca EX Unplayed Demo. Do You Love Me is a great Glammed up version of The Contours’ hit.The guitar gets pretty wild at the end and the whole performance sounds like a loose end of session work out with a few handclaps added. If the A side is good, the B side positively verges on the great. Alligator Fix is just one of those brilliant obscure Psych gems that pop up once in a while
Waddy You're The One/Same 1972 US Anthem EX Great one-offrockin  single by guitar slinger Waddy Wachtel
Warhorse St. Louis 1970 France Vertigo EX/EX (signature on back cover) Nick Simper's (Deep Purple) Hard Rock take on Vanda and Young's Easybeats classic
Washington Flyers Another Saturday Morning 1974 UK Dawn EX Great Glam double-sider. A side was on Glitter From The Litter, the B side on Velvet Tinmine SOLD
Watts Betsy Ballou (Girl You Make It Easy) 1973 UK JAM EX Betsy Ballou is a ballsy Guitar driven Cruncher, while the A side is a fine slab of British UK pop. Unplayed Demo SOLD
Wellington Alright, I'll See You Tonight 1973 UK Concord EX (date stamp  on label) Rousing Junkshop Glam Stomper SOLD
Westland Steamboat Born Under a Bad Sign 1970 UK CBS EX Unplayed Demo.  Released in 1970 it can be seen as some sort of Doctor Feelgood precursor with those choppy Wilco Johnson/ Mick Green guitar stabs mixed in with something akin to a rockier Christie (Yellow River). There’s even a Proto Punk element to the song’s construction and a DIY/Garage feel SOLD
Whistle The Party Must Be Over 1973 US Bell EX US issue with different B side.  Junkshop Glam cracker. The Party Must Be Over has an unusual song structure with Indian Dancer: The intro is drawn out (no bad thing), there’s only one verse, but the chorus is an endearing hand-clapped-sing-along which is followed in turn by more riffage, a guitar solo and a repeat of the chorus as an outro.SOLD
Wowii Rock N' Roll Singer 1977 US Cartoon EX (slight sticker mark on B label Their 2nd best single after the magical Hoods. This is a prime slab of US Proto Punk SOLD
Yellow Bird Attack Attack 1974 UK Magnet EX Unplayed Demo copy. This one rings all the right bells and truly delivers with its Eddie Cochran handclapped intro, crunching beat, killer chorus and a wild guitar solo which is nearly on a par with Hector’s Wired Up (DJM) SOLD
Zakatek I Gotcha Now 1973 UK Bell EX Super rare unplayed demo copy. Zakatek is in fact Lenny Zakatek who later became lead singer with Gonzalez. Here he is as discovered by Linsey De Paul and Dudley Moore!!!! Linsey wrote and produced I Gotcha Now and it features her usual stomping piano motif along with some nice heavy Fuzz, Lenny’s vocals then enter the fray in sand paper mode, before the baroque cellos hit the scene and the track turns into some form of Eurovision version of I Am The Walrus. By the end it sounds like they have a prominent Harmonium part playing bass notes with some surprising oscillating effects on top. Psychedelic Groovy fuzzed-out Glam heaven?..Nearly!
Zakatek Get Your Gun 1973 UK Bell EX (release date  sticker on label) "Unplayed Demo issue. Preposterous and overblown ode to the plight of the red man as only an English middle class white woman could write. Get Your Gun makes The Garnets' Indian Uprising sound positively credible and insightful!
This was Lenny Zakatek’s second single after being discovered by Linsey De Paul and it packs an incredulous punch. Dig the arrangement, sentiment, and spoken interlude..."
Zappo Rock and Roll Crazy/Right On! 1973 UK Magnet EX Cracking Glam double sider from Marty Wilde SOLD